About Klauz

Klauz is Akc Registered Lilac Tri Merle English Bulldog. His stud fee is $15,000 U.S.D. Klauz brings value to any litter he sires. Some of his pups has sold for $75,000 American dollars but most range between $20,000-$50,000 U.S.D. If you are searching for you next stud look no further Klauz is the most talked about English Bulldog in the World. With Celebrity friends from Football & Basketball teams Atlanta Falcons & Golden State Warriors or Reality Shows love and hip hop and the Kardashians Klauz is no stranger to success and being in the public eye. We travel anywhere & everywhere to get the breeding done.

Meet The Owner of Klauz

Hey Guys my name is Jaiy Bradie owner of JB Bullies & owner of my beautiful boy Klauz. I have been breeding for over 15 years and I truly love what I do. As easy as it may seem breeding is everything but effortless, I just make it look easy. With anything you are successful at comes a lot of hard work, passion and determination, and i try to put every drop of that into every stud service & breeding that I do. Please feel free to give me a call so we can discuss how to add Klauz or his offspring to your breeding program or even if you just want a pet i would more than happy to speak to you.

Klauz has a few names that the public has given him. Prince Klauz or Klauz the Lilac Tri Merle or Klauz the Prince Of Merles. Klauz is the Only Lilac Tri Merle English Bulldog with Shrink-a-bull blood that is open for stud. Klauz Stud fee is $15,000 U.SD. We Will Not Do Any Pup Back Deals. If you breed to Klauz we guarantee all your pups will be triple carriers and carry the merle gene. Klauz will produce Black Tri English Bulldog, Black Tri Merle English Bulldogs, Blue Tri English Bulldogs, Blue Tri Merle English Bulldogs, Chocolate Tri English Bulldogs,

Jaiy Bradie

Jaiy Bradie

Chocolate Trindle English Bulldogs, Chocolate Tri Merle English Bulldogs, Lilac Tri English Bulldogs, and Lilac Tri Merles English Bulldogs. Klauz the Lilac Tri Merle English Bulldog is open to all breeds including but not limited to All English Bulldogs, Olde English Bulldogge, French bulldog, Mastiff, American Bully, and American Pitbull etc. Klauz The Lilac Tri Merle has domestic & International puppy and Stud Service. Puppies will never leave here before 8 weeks old and all customers are subject to background check. Mistreating and animal abuse is not tolerated or prohibited.

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