Merle English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

Are you looking for a beautiful & friendly bulldog companion in your life? If so you have came to the right place. JB Bullies will help you find the perfect merle bulldog or any color English Bulldog for your lifestyle.

You will not find another breeder with the dedication and passion to creating the perfect EB for all occasions. Whether u live in an apartment reside in the city or country living we have the perfect bulldog for you. We like to ask our clients to fill out a questionnaire to provide a little background on your daily living habits so we can pair the  perfect bulldog puppy with his or her new family lifestyle. Other breeders will sell you a puppy jus based on color and not take the time to actually find out what requirements or habits you have that will make pairing for your great partner a great experience and not just another dog experience.

Prince Klauz PuppiesJB Bullies has the widest selection of merle English bulldogs for sale, so finding the right one is no big task. Just check out Prince Klauz’s social Media and you will see we not only do we have a great time breeding but all our customers have the experience of a lifetime when purchasing their bulldog puppy and most are repeat clients.

Backed by 15 years of expertise in dog breeding, we boast of our superiority in producing flashy healthy and intelligent dogs. Our main objective is produce healthy bulldogs period. Color & Size are secondary. All of our Merle English Bulldog puppies for sale and standard color English Bulldog puppies for sale are raised by me and my wife. Not only do we produce healthy bulldogs, we also strive to enhance the overall quality of the bulldog breed by conducting extensive genetic research to improve what we are breeding for.

Our bulldogs feature some of the finest quality blood lines and alluring colours that give them a distinctive look and feel among other breeds. We are already ready to serve pet lovers with our widest range of Merle English bulldog puppies for sale.

Prince KlauzWhether you need a cute bulldog puppy for your girlfriend or children or you want a flashy head turner bulldog like Klauz, all of merle bulldogs for sale, will give you what you need.

Klauz is always ready for stud service. His fee is $15,000 U.S.D. Klauz is the only lilac tri merle in the world open to the public for stud with Shrinkabulls blood. So when i say he brings value to a litter I really mean that. Klauz most expensive pup today was sold for 75,000 by a client of mine who purchased a stud service credit back in January 2017. Needless to say he also is a repeat customer and has purchased 2 more Klauz Studs since then. JB Bullies & Prince Klauz are much ahead of our competitors and assure you are getting the unmatched quality. Once you become JB Bullies customer you will continued support as Kong as you own that dog, i will coach you on breeding and basic care needed thru out the life of your new family member.