Chocolate Tri Merle English Bulldog puppies $25k-33k

Lilac Tri Merles English Bulldog puppies $35k-50k

English Bulldog Puppies for SaleHere you will find English Bulldog puppies for sale that are sired by Klauz. Klauz’s English Bulldog puppies range from $15,000-$75,000. Each puppy picture will have the breed they are and price & deposit including shipping in the 50 states. All of our Klauz’s puppy prices include shipping so you as the customer don’t have to do anything except arrive at the airport to meet us with your new family member. Klauz puppies will never be shipped cargo. A JB Bullies representative will personally deliver Klauz puppies via flight (USA only) for the quoted price by the picture. For international shipping of puppies you must pay round-trip flight from my city to yours and provide hotel accommodations. If you would like for Klauz to sire your litter, Klauz’s stud fee is $15,500 overnight shipping included (USA only) International Shipping is extra depending on Destination Frozen Shipping may only be available. If you would like us to do a live breeding at your vet on top of his $15k stud fee if not in Atlanta Georgia we will need $1,000 Dollars per diem, 2 First class round trip tickets along with 4 star hotel and rental car accommodations (non-negotiable). All puppy deposits are a minimum of $5,000 and puppies need to be paid for by pups 8th week of life. All deposits are NON-Refundable. We DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS.

We believe in providing our customers the ultimate breeding and puppy buying experience. We look forward to hearing from you.


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