Term & Conditions


Whether buyer purchases stud service or puppies

All Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. (Non-Negotiable).

  • Stud Fee :$15,000 outright
  • One Deposit of $3,500.00 Once has been Received & Cleared
  • Remaining: $12,000 Due before collection & shipping
  • Overnight collection & shipping $400 non-negotiable
  • If you would like for Us to come to your state and do live collection the fee will be 2 1st Class Non-stop Tickets Hotel at any Hilton Chain and Rental Car must be provided added to the stud fee
  • This Contract will allow you to use Klauz even if he is closed to the public as long as your stud fee is paid in full 1 week b4 you need him.


  • Stud fee’s CANNOT BE SOLD to another buyer ever regardless if you paid in full and are selling with the dog you bought the stud for. Each deal is for that specific buyer and situation and for personal reasons JB Bullies might not like the way your buyer may do business.
  • Stud Fee’s CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED to another female (unless the original female becomes permentally unbreedable by illness and the new female is registered to the same owner by proof of akc paperwork.
  • Buyers Puppies CANNOT BE UNDERSOLD more than $2,000 less than what JB Bullies Sells their puppies for of the same type of breeding caliber.
  • Klauz will not be bred without proper Blood progesterone test.
  • Klauz will not be bred natural to any female, only by collection of fresh chilled or Frozen
  • NO repeats will be given for buyers lack of responsibility for giving proper care to mom and or pups such as letting pups be born natural or waiting too late for c-section, wrong birth dates, emergency c-section because pups are stuck, mother catches worms or some other illness and kill pups, doctor neglect and kills pups,
  • Klauz will only be collected one time and only for Surgicals. If you require a 2nd shipping not due to postage delays or JB Bullies that fee will be $3500
  • Deposits are only good for 1 year from the date of purchase after then your deposit will be lost. IF your female that you had planned for Klauz you end up selling her you cannot sell Klauz stud deposit with female
  • No repeats will be given if you wait too long to do a c-section or go in too early for a c-section and all your puppies die.
  • No repeats will be given if you don’t have a c-section performed and your female gives natural birth and the all or most puppies die.


  • That all puppies will be Triple Carriers and you will get at least 1 Merle puppy
  • At Least 2 Puppies will constitute a litter at the time of birth but there will be no guarantee on how many pups will be merle or how many pups will be in a litter.
  • If there does not be at least 2 pups born JB Bullies will allow 1 repeat at a collection and shipping expense. There will need to be a detailed vet report of failed pregnancy and you must allow your vet to give us permission to ask questions regarding the pregnancy. If it is concluded that the fault was do to carelessness of the buyer there will be no repeat allowed.
  • 1 Repeat stud will be allowed for female if female doesn’t get pregnant at all(as long as proper progesterone testing can shown as proof. Vet proof in writing what days and the png readings from that day
  • Once puppies are born alive the stud dog agreement has been complete and buyer agrees & accepts full responsibility to nurse and care for pups. Any pup that fades away get sick or any catches any illness or parasites that cause them to be unhealthy or die is not stud dog owner responsibility and that will not constitute a repeat breeding.
  • Breeder is not responsible for Shipping Delays and if any delays from shipping company happen such as wrong address, weather the Customer will have to pay another $400 to JB Bullies for Collection and shipping (Non-Negotiable


  • Buyer must receive proper progesterone testing.
  • Buyer understands that your deposit guarantee’s you a spot on the deposit list for studs & how very unlikely an impossible it is that all my the other clients females will be ready the same day when your female is, if that happens you will receive the semen in the order of the full payments came in with ample time given ahead for you to make other arrangements for breeding. If Klauz is not available for live collection you will have and option to receive frozen semen from Klauz. If you choose to not accept the frozen semen your deposit will not be refunded and you will have to wait till her next heat. If he is not ready at the time and you don’t take the option of receiving frozen your deposit will be lost. Klauz in House Breeding’s holds Seniority over any outside breeding and if any off my females are due for breeding at the same time as your breeding with Klauz Frozen Semen will be only option. If you decline you will have to wait till your females next heat (Non-Negotiable)
  • Klauz Will be Close 3 days before and 3 days after JB Bullies Breeding’s are complete. During this time Frozen Semen will only be available
  • All deposits are good for 12 months of the original lock in date for the stud and the price agreed. If you cant breed or miss the breeding with Klauz and it is after 12 months, if Klauz has a higher stud fee you must pay the difference of the new stud fee.
  • Each buyer understands Klauz has different stud fees for different dogs; No Stud Fee is negotiable after initial Deposit.
  • When Klauz is closed no outside breeding’s will be performed whether you have a deposit or not unless stated in Contract. However if the stud fee is paid in full a minimum of 30 days before your female is in heat that will grant the use of him when you need him while he is closed
  • At the time of birth you must take a picture of all puppies dead or alive and grant JB Bullies permission to call the vet to verify how many pups were born.
  • At no time do we grant permission to name any of your pups Klauz Junior, Klauz the 2nd or so on. We don’t grant permission to any buyer of any service to name their pups any part of Klauz name.
  • Deposit are required to hold pup & the remainder Due before Delivery by puppy 7th week. Initial Deposits Can be received thru Bank wire or Credit or debit card payments via Square Merchant account. Balance remainders are received thru Bank wire only (No Checks). Puppies over $10k USD need to be broken down into increments of $9,999.00 or less per wire transfer until puppy price is reached. If not paid in full or other arrangements have been made & agreed to in writing by email or text buyer can and will loose Deposits. All puppy Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE but transferable to any other caliber breeding that JB Bullies have (if buyer changes their mind and decide not to purchase or cant come up with all of the remaining funds needed to complete the purchase deposit will be lost). (Non-Negotiable)
  • All Shipping fees are paid for by buyer.
  • Your puppy will brought to you by me at the price of 1 non-stop round-trip flight from Atlanta, Ga. To the nearest airport to you or Ontario which ever is easier more convenient for you. I would never allow cargo to ship high dollar pups out of respect for all my customers is why I give them the option to either come fly to me and pick up or I fly to you and drop off.
  • No Deposit is refundable but all deposits are transferable: if puppy gets severely hurt or injury resulting in death or hurt to a level that makes the dog unbreedable while in the care of JB Bullies, JB Bullies will transfer deposit to another pup of the same caliber of puppy you originally had the deposit with. If no puppy is available at that time your deposit will go to the next avail breeding for the same caliber of breeding as the pair your deposit was on originally or you can opt to wait for the rebreeding of the same pair.
  • Any dog being sold as a Breeding Quality simply refers to the dog being sold as a potential Breeder in the professional opinion of JB Bullies. Buyer understands that no guarantee is made on the adult development of this puppy and buyer agrees and understands that a puppy goes thru multiple stages in the development process. If buyer is not happy with purchase dog at 13 months of age JB Bullies will allow the customer to give the dog back in exchange for a puppy of the same caliber. If there is no puppy available of the same caliber available JB Bullies will allow a trade credit for an upgrade and difference in price for the new pup. If JB Bullies deems your to be worth less than what you paid originally you will have to come with the difference to obtain new pup. If JB Bullies says your dog is still worth what you paid and the new pup is the same price. There will still be a $5,000 fee added to the trade because time spent whelping litter vet bills and any unforeseen event that it took to get that pup healthy at the time of trade. No dog or puppy shall be sent before receiving the Adult and Money in “question” back to JB Bullies. Dog has to be in the same great Medical condition as when it left. If dog is not deemed healthy by our vets we will not honor your request for trade and your dog will be sent back to you at your expense.
  • This dog is not being sold under co-ownership terms & Buyer agrees to not change the kennel name of new pup, but both parties agree that buyer may add to the name, i.e JB Bullies (buyers new name for dog). Buyer also agrees that this fee that he or she is paying for this puppy does not come with any promotional packages and if breeder chooses to post pictures of your puppy or announcing any event involving your dog it is totally by free will. He is not obligated to promote your dog on any social media platform.
  • Health Guarantee:
  • The seller certifies that, upon receipt, the dog is in good health and has been immunized and wormed according to the accompanying heath record of said English Bulldog.
  • The seller certifies that, upon receipt, the dog is in good health and has been immunized and wormed according to the accompanying heath record of said English Bulldog.
  • The buyer agrees to have the dog examined by your veterinarian at your expense within 24 hours from date of receiving your pup. If the veterinarian does not give the dog a clean bill of health, buyer must notify the seller immediately. Seller reserves the right to have the dog re-examined by our veterinarian at our cost after buy pays shipping to Seller. Any condition that is deemed minor by our vet, correctable, or a breed related minor condition that is not life threating is not covered such as food allergies, worms, Kennel cough, skin rash or missing fur, or heart murmur stage 1, (if higher JB Bullies will replace puppy). Any condition, which could go away with medication, or is considered to be a condition that a puppy will likely grow out of, or any sickness or injury that happens from the Airline is not covered. Airline injuries have insurance that is paid at time of shipping and if damage happens to pup a claim must be filed with United for full reimbursement. Buyer understands that the Bulldog breed does have health issues in general such as skin or breathing issues that can get passed down thru generation that the breeder is not responsible for such as demodex, mange or elongated soft pallet that can be removed by any vet. It is recommended that you get the soft pallet surgery to make your bulldog breathe better. This is normally performed around 5-7 months. This will stop the snoring loud breathing sound while they are awake that causes over heating. Call your local vet for pricing.
  • If the dog is then found not to be in good health, Seller must resume possession of the said puppy before another replacement puppy will be sent. Seller does not accept responsibility for contagious disease diagnosed after health certificate date, heat stroke, exhaustion, dehydration and other heat related conditions are not covered in any way.
  • Remember that this breed can over heat quickly and easily and may die as a result of over heating which is not covered by JB Bullies. Your pup is a indoor dog which means when the weather permits they go outside everyday for 4-8 hours and comes back in at night.
  • JB Bullies is not responsible for skin or bacteria issues if you plan to keep this pup as an outside dog.
  • If any dog is sold as pet quality that means all dogs will be spayed or neutered before shipping to the new owner non-negotiable